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No, we don't. However the car must not be driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs or legal speed limits must not be exceeded. Otherwise the driver shall be held responsible for all damages. In case of any accident, an accident, theft and alcohol measurement reports must be received by applying to the closest police or gendarmerie station without changing location the car. Otherwise all purchased invoices will be deemed void and all damages that have occurred, including pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses of third parties, will be compensated by the person that has rented the car.

You reservation is immediately communicated to relevant office and the most suitable VIA car for you is prepared. It is enough to call the office with your reservation details.

The car can only be driven by any person other than the person that has rented the car, in case driver's license details of additional drivers are indicated in the rental agreement and relevant additional driver fee is paid. Otherwise and/or in case of any accident, all assurances will be deemed void and both the renting person and the driver will be held individually and jointly responsible.

It will be enough for you to visit the station that you have selected in advance with the car at the end of your renting period. You can deliver the car to any VIA station you want. However please ask the one-way direction fee to be applied in case the pick up station and return station are located in different cities. You can contact with our authorized representatives by calling the phone number that was given to you for any question and problem that you might have throughout the rental period.

For most of the rental companies, the rental age range is 21 to 70. If you are under 21 or over 70, you might pay extra fee.

Your driver’s license (if you are coming from abroad, you must also present your passport), your credit card, address and phone details are written to the agreement by our staff. You must certainly ask for a copy of the signed rental agreement, which indicates the amount of rent and deposit that you have paid.


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